Chris Messineo is an award-winning filmmaker, a fanatical student of cinema, and an accomplished lecturer. Sharing scenes from classic films and anecdotes about the making of them, Chris dissects the work of the masters with wit and insight into the craft of filmmaking.

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Below are just some of the lectures Chris has given at libraries, schools, and community groups around the state. Each lecture is approximately an hour and a half long, including a Q & A period. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or schedule a lecture.

Hitchcock Hitchcock

"The Master of Suspense"

Sir Alfred Hitchcock directed over 60 films spanning more than half a century. With a distinctive style, both in front and behind the camera, his movies have influenced generations of filmmakers. Watching classic scenes from "Rear Window", "North by Northwest", "Psycho", and "The Birds" we discover what made Hitchcock, "the master of suspense".
Spielberg Spielberg

"Through the Eyes of a Child"

No director has had more blockbuster hits than Steven Spielberg. He is adept in many styles and genres including action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, war, comedy, and drama. Yet, in the vast majority, there is a connecting theme - we see the stories "through eyes of a child". Come take a second look at some of his most compelling work in "Close Encounters", "E.T.", "Empire of the Sun", and "Jurassic Park".
Film Noir Film Noir

"The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of"

During Hollywood's Golden Age, at the height of the studio system, a new breed of crime drama began to emerge. These dark tales with an equally stark look told the stories of men and women living in the shadows and the underbelly of society. Classic stories like "The Maltese Falcon", "Double Indemnity", "The Killers", and "Night and the City" changed filmmaking forever with characters who risked everything for "the stuff that dreams are made of".
Chaplin and Keaton Chaplin and Keaton

"The Little Tramp vs. the Great Stone Face"

In a debate almost as old as cinema, the audience has asked the question, "Who do you like better?". Charles Chaplin's "little tramp" was the most famous and recognized character the world over. Buster Keaton's "great stone face" and his unparalleled talent for stunts amazed audiences young and old. The two greatest stars of the silent era, the legacy of their films ("The Kid", "The General", "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", and "City Lights"), and the debate about who we love more, lives on.
Woody Allen Woody Allen

"The Art of Infidelity"

No modern writer and director is more prolific or iconic. Drawing equal inspiration from Groucho Marx and Ingmar Bergman, the films of Woody Allen can be hilarious or tragic, but are always filled with his signature style and a fascination for affairs of the heart. Come explore "The Art of Infidelity" as we study scenes from "Manhattan", "Hannah and Her Sisters", "Crimes and Misdemeanors", and "Match Point".
Short Films Short Films

"The Magic and Mystery of the Short"

In the age of independent cinema, most directors learn the craft of filmmaking by creating short films. These tiny works of art are beautiful, exciting, haunting, hysterical, and inspiring. Watch a selection of award-winning short films and get some insight into how these mini modern classics are created.