"I am the parent of two children who attend NJ Film School. My children are very different, and yet they both feel that NJFS has had a significant and positive impact in their lives. My first, who intends to pursue film as a career, feels that his classes have strengthened his knowledge and skill set beyond comparison of peers that have attended other programs. My second, who attends "just for fun", has gained extraordinary writing skills, close friendships, strong public speaking skills, and self esteem. There are no other programs that even compare in content and quality. I have found the owners and teachers to be very attentive, responsive, and invested in my children's experience. NJFS has exceeded my expectations and has my highest recommendation."

~ Melissa S, Parent

"I am 15 and started attending NJ Film School when I was 10. My experiences at NJ Film School have been amazing. I have worked with professional equipment and been taught writing, directing, cinematography, acting, lighting, sound, supervising, etc. Collaborating with others who share the same interest has helped me improve my skills and make new friends. Not only is film class the highlight of my week, but it is also preparing me for my future career."

~ Sam K, Filmmaker and Current Student

"NJ Film School is the perfect place to learn the art of filmmaking. Personally, it has opened the door for me to learn a new art form that is collaborative, technical, and exciting!"

~ Katy B, Filmmaker and 5th Grade Teacher, Millburn Township Schools

"NJ Film School's hands-on approach to teaching film surpasses all others, combining one-on-one help with a sense of artistic freedom that together turn a child with a camera into a full-grown filmmaker."

~ Austin S, Filmmaker and Current Student

"In my years since I began going to the film school, Chris Messineo has taken my raw passion for filmmaking and given me actual knowledge and ability to back it up. Each week I look forward to the opportunity to make films at his school, and everything I have achieved in the world of cinema got its start right there. It is worth every penny. "

~ Logan C, Filmmaker and Current Student

"My time at NJFS has been phenomenal. I have made some of my best friends through the classes I have taken and have grown so much as a filmmaker it is insane! Chris has taught me to believe in myself and to be confident in my creative choices, something I lacked before. The school is a family that supports you and gives you a safe space to explore areas of film you have lack experience in. My experience at NJFS is a solid 10/10."

~ Nicole M, Filmmaker and Student at Emerson College

"I could fill a book with my praise for NJ Film School. I consistently took classes there since I was in seventh grade until I graduated high school and as my understanding of filmmaking and screenwriting increased, so did my love and appreciation. Chris Messineo is not only a brilliant instructor, but just genuinely cool dude as well; he made every class incredibly fun and engaging. I can confidently say that NJ Film School made me a better artist and I wouldn't trade the memories and friends I made there for the world."

~ Emily T, Filmmaker and and Student at Bard College

"Chris Messineo possesses the skill, creativity, and passion to help you realize your dream of becoming a filmmaker."

~ Nick S, Screenwriter and Director, Rolling Hill Films

"Chris has a gift for developing an actor's talent. His poignant writing and insightful, supportive directing helped me win a number of "Best Actress" awards. The creative and professional environment on Chris's set is a safe and challenging place for actors to cultivate and exercise their art. It's an honor to work with him."

~ Meissa H, Actress

"I can think of no one more dedicated than Chris Messineo to the art of teaching screenwriting and filmmaking. If I was just starting out, I'd want to be in his hands."

~ Joseph M, Director and Professor, University of North Carolina

"The films of Chris Messineo present a world that is often wondrous yet unnerving, dark yet moving, jarring yet playful. They are also one thing the world often is not - very, very entertaining."

~ Jeff Maschi, Actor

"Chris creates a supportive, safe, exciting environment for creative people. He knows how to foster criticism that's both honest and encouraging. He cuts to the heart of problems in structure, style, and method. And he challenges you to always keep improving."

~ Don R, Writer, Editor, and Director, Airworthy Productions

"I absolutely loved working with Chris. It's always more than just a film shoot. He cares about the work. He cares about his actors."

~ Nova M, Actress

"I have been impressed with the variety and quality of films produced by Off Stage Films. And I have been fortunate to have Chris Messineo as a presenter for my students. He is knowledgeable and professional, and he communicates clearly. He was honest and patient with the students, and he doesn't talk down to teenagers. My students enjoyed his presentation."

~ Jean P, English Teacher and Gifted and Talented Advisor, Lenape Valley Regional High School

"I knew little about the art and craft of screenwriting and took a class with Chris Messineo. With his phenomenal balance of being both challenging and nurturing, I have achieved the following: landed an agent, got accepted into a creative writing MFA program, took first, second, and third place in several contests, and I now have producers looking at my work. None of this would have happened if not for Chris. He is extremely kind, forthcoming, and professional - most importantly, he knows his stuff."

~ William P, Screenwriter and English Professor, Kutztown University