"Chris Messineo possesses the skill, creativity, and passion to help you realize your dream of becoming a filmmaker."

~ Nick Sidorovich, Screenwriter and Director, Rolling Hill Films

"Chris has a gift for developing an actor's talent. His poignant writing and insightful, supportive directing helped me win a number of "Best Actress" awards. The creative and professional environment on Chris’s set is a safe and challenging place for actors to cultivate and exercise their art. It's an honor to work with him."

~ Meissa Hampton, Actress

"I can think of no one more dedicated than Chris Messineo to the art of teaching screenwriting and filmmaking. If I was just starting out, I'd want to be in his hands."

~ Joseph Megel, Director and Professor, University of North Carolina

"The films of Chris Messineo present a world that is often wondrous yet unnerving, dark yet moving, jarring yet playful. They are also one thing the world often is not - very, very entertaining."

~ Jeff Maschi, Actor

"Chris creates a supportive, safe, exciting environment for creative people. He knows how to foster criticism that's both honest and encouraging. He cuts to the heart of problems in structure, style, and method. And he challenges you to always keep improving."

~ Don Riemer, Writer, Editor, and Director, Airworthy Productions

"I absolutely loved working with Chris. It's always more than just a film shoot. He cares about the work. He cares about his actors."

~ Nova Mejia, Actress

"I have been impressed with the variety and quality of films produced by Off Stage Films. And I have been fortunate to have Chris Messineo as a presenter for my students. He is knowledgeable and professional, and he communicates clearly. He was honest and patient with the students, and he doesn't talk down to teenagers. My students enjoyed his presentation."

~ Jean Potters, English Teacher and Gifted and Talented Advisor, Lenape Valley Regional High School

"I knew little about the art and craft of screenwriting and took a class with Chris Messineo. With his phenomenal balance of being both challenging and nurturing, I have achieved the following: landed an agent, got accepted into a creative writing MFA program, took first, second, and third place in several contests, and I now have producers looking at my work. None of this would have happened if not for Chris. He is extremely kind, forthcoming, and professional - most importantly, he knows his stuff."

~ William D. Prystauk, Screenwriter and English Professor, Kutztown University